Introduction: Yarn Dog Shih Tzu

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I was curious to create little cute animal made out of yarn.
I have never done it before. So I decided to make this project and enter this contest challenge. And the result is super cute and nice to be displayed in my living room.


Here are some materials and supplies needed for this project:

Cardboard for template

Red and Green Yarn


Hot glue gun

1 McDonald's large cup or glass (for red Shih Tzu)(you could use any glass you have, as long as the glass's height is more or less about 10 cm)

1 cylinder medicine container (for green Shih Tzu), removed the lid

Tinkercad Software

3D Printer Dremel 3D40

Dremel Digilab 3D Slicer

Red acrylic paint

Step 1: Body

For the body of Shih Tzu, take the McDonald's glass. Cut it until the height of the glass is 10 cm. Take the red yarn. By using hot glue gun, glue the yarn with circular pattern to the bottom of the glass. Do this until all the surface of the glass is covered with the yarn.

Do the same thing with the green yarn, only for this time, use the cylinder medicine container.

Step 2: Prepare the Template for Wrapping

Take a cardboard and measure it with the length is 20 cm.
The width of the cardboard is up to you. It does not matter as long as you can roll the yarn. Therefore, the width is not too short. I make the width of 10 cm.

Step 3: Wrapping the Yarn for Fur

Take the red yarn. Wrap it around the cardboard lengthwise.
Keep wrapping the yarn for about 20 rounds. Take out the yarn from the cardboard. Tie and secure it with other yarn. Cut both sides. Do this 3 times.

You do this for green yarn, too with the same step.

Step 4: Adding the Fur

Put the glue the top center of the body and stick it with the first fur. Then, glue the second fur to the top front of the body. Lastly, glue the third fur to the back top of the body.

Step 5: Form Hair

Take half of the fur on both right and left side. Tie them together. Trim it until it looks nice.

Step 6: Pom Pom for Legs-1

Make pom pom using four fingers. Wrap your fingers with yarn about 12 rounds. Take the yarn out of your fingers. Tie it with yarn and cut both sides. Trim all sides until you get 1 round of pom pom. Make two pom pom for both of Shih Tzu's legs. Glue them to the body on the bottom.

Step 7: Pom Pom for Legs-2

Glue the Pom pom to the bottom part of the body.

Step 8: Trimming

Trim the excess of fur and hair as you desire.

Step 9: Ribbon Bow

For making ribbon bow on Shih Tzu's hair, make another pom pom. Wrap the yarn around your two fingers about 6 rounds for smaller bow or three fingers with 6 rounds for bigger bow. Tie it with other yarn, but do not cut the sides. Glue the bow to Shih Tzu's hair.

Step 10: Eyes and Nose

For Shih Tzu's eyes and nose, make them in Tinkercad.

Drag half sphere to the workplane. Make the size of the eyes with diameter of 7 mm and height of 4 mm. Make two eyes for one shih tzu.

Drag another half sphere to the workplane to create the nose with diameter of 10 mm and height of 4 mm. Make only one for the nose.

Export it to .stl files and print it.

Step 11: Tongue

Take cardboard and make tongue of it. Make 2 pieces.

Paint them with red color of acrylic paint. Later, I change one tongue to white color because my shih tzu's color is red. When the tongue is white, it is stand out and better than red color.

Step 12: Assemble

Glue eyes, nose and ribbon bow as shown in pictures.

Step 13: Result

Here is the result of Shih Tzu Yarn Dog. I made 2 of them, which are red and green Shih Tzu.

I hope you like and share with me if you make it. It is fun and cute.

Thank you.

Fiber Arts Contest

Second Prize in the
Fiber Arts Contest