Introduction: Your Own Sandal :-)

so you wana make your own sandals. here is a very nice and fun way to get a very comfortable one :-)

my first version was with a tire. it was nice but not very comfortable. my second ver was made from a havayanas slippers, it was very comfortable but wasn't very nice looking and very soft to pointy thing could easily penetrate. also were very slippery on wet floor. so for V 2.0 i wanted it to be stronger. to hold the foot better and to have a nice look. here we go

what you need is:

  1. some kind of a comfortable slippers.
  2. rubber sole.
  3. scissors
  4. glue (super glue? - for rubber)
  5. paracord
  6. sand paper
  7. candle/lighter
  8. chalk

it would take 3-8 hours :-) depends on how fast you decide

Step 1: Draw and Cut the Sole

this step is easy,

  1. strip the slippers off (sorry i have no pic for that.
  2. use the chalk to draw
  3. cut on the lines :-)

Step 2: Preper the "eyes"

these paracord "eyes" will hold the rest of the paracord that will go around the foot.

I found it much more stronger and stable for the foot than just using the slippers holes like on barefoot sandals.

what we need to do here is attach both end together warm it with fire and press it down to create a flat end.

i used a candle because it gave me more time to work compering to a lighter.

Step 3: Set the "eyes"

takes a bit of force, make sure the flat end is flat enough and big enough so it will stay in place.

Step 4: Glue the New Sole

after all eyes are at place and you made sure its strong, its time to glue the new sole. make sure u know how to use the glue, let it dry but not to much, and go for it.

then use something heavy to give it a proper final squeeze.

Step 5: Sand the Edges

you can do it manually or with a sanding machine. go slow, make it fine and even with slippers.

Step 6: Decide About How You Tie

ok this step might take the longest time. and it will effect the hole sandal look :-)

i went for 1 short band that go left-right to hold the foot from slipping forward and another to go around. i got my inspiration from factory made sandals.

i used zip tides to hold that part. and just a simple not

you can create your own as you wish :-) and as you see fit.

thanxs for reading and have fun.