Introduction: Zombie Unicorn Costume

For Halloween this year my 8yr old requested a Zombie Unicorn. For this super easy costume I used the following supplies as listed below.


Giant unicorn head mask from Kmart (Australia) that we got a few years back.

Unicorn onesie from Best and Less we got a few years back.

Red, White & Black Felt

Ping Pong Ball

Red, White & Black Cotton

Silver Glitter Paint

White Wool

Step 1: Cutting the Felt

Before you get started you want to gather your felt and cut it to the right shape. I didn't use any patterns or anything, I just cut what felt right. I cut a kind of star shape for the eye socket out of the black, a white circle out of the white to wrap around the ping pong ball and various puddle shapes for the blood.

Step 2: Making the Eye Socket

Making the eye socket is pretty easy. Just get your black felt and black thread and stitch it over the eye. You can also cut a small piece of black to cover the end of the rope from the next step if you wish.

Step 3: Making the Eyeball

Taking your wool cut it into 6x 30cm lengths approximately. Take 3 pieces and 3 pieces and twist them together all the one way. It helps to tape it to the table or get someone to hold the ends. Then once you have them tightly wound together twist both strands together but going the opposite way to the way they were twisted. This keeps them in a nice perfect twist.

Take one end and stitch it to the black star shaped socket. You can cut a small piece of black felt to cover it if you like.

Next take the white circle of felt and cover the ping pong ball, gathering it and stitching it. Join the other end of your rope to the eyeball. Take some of your red blood shaped felt and attach it to the eyeball if you wish to. I sued the offcuts from cutting out the 'brain' shape for this part.

Step 4: Stitching

Make sure you match the colour of the thread with the colour of the felt and use whatever stitches you're comfortable with to sew the various shapes on wherever you like. We did a large one over one ear, some at the mouth, some on the horn and a few on the clothing. I used large stitches as I was planning on taking the costume apart after Halloween.

Step 5: Glitter Paint (optional)

Once you've finished sewing on all the bloody parts you can paint them all with silver glitter paint because everyone knows unicorn blood sparkles!

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