Introduction: Sew Sacky Clothes Into Fitting

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i want to show you my way of sewing sacky into fitting clothes.

It`s quite easy that way and no real skills are needed
-i guess no tailor would do it that way , but it works for me :o)

the hole thing takes about 15-20minutes

Step 1: You'll Need

sacky clothes

thread in matching colour
sewing machine (prefered) or needle


a mirror

Step 2: Turn the Clothes Inside Out

turn your sweater / trousers or whatever you want to change inside out.
now dress yourself with it.

Step 3: Pin It Baby

take all the surplus cloth in one hand and pin it with the other - see the pictures to get an idea!

Make sure that the cloth is aligned - hard to explain - hope you get what i mean ;)

try to take the same amount on both sides - symmetry is what you want.

Step 4: Turn Back and Check

now carefully turn back the garment and dress yourself with it.

check in the mirror if you have pinned it nicely and fittig

Move yourself in every direction to make sure it's not too tight.

If you feeling comfortable you're ready for the next step - if not change the pins until it's fine

Step 5: Sew

not it's time to sew - turn it inside out again

easiest and fastest with a sewing machine of course - if you don't have one it'll work fine with a needle

Simply sew along the pins - thats it.

now you can choose to cut the excess cloth or simply leave it as it is - maybe you plan a pregnancy in that case leave it ;)

yap done :)

Step 6: Done