Introduction: Fab Fruit Bowl

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This hack is a fruit bowl made from a Palm tree leaf, called a Sepal. Lynn Pavey came up with this idea after finding a Sepal when out walking and then spying her unfinished tin of exterior house paint.

It really doesn’t require much skill, just a bit of painting. Of course, if you don’t live anywhere remotely near palm trees, it might be difficult. But, it might inspire you to look twice at those sculptural natural forms we find on the ground when out walking in nature. Sepals make beautiful pieces to display on a side table, as a centrepiece, or on a mantel. The secret is to use a good glossy opaque paint in a bold colour. It highlights the flowing natural lines of the leaf.

Step 1: Materials

1. Palm tree sepal (leaf)

2. Wide paint brush

3. Glossy exterior house paint or interior wood gloss or enamel Use the hack saw to cut off the dead sepal from the tree, and trim the end of the leaf.

4. Old cloth

5. Hack saw or file.

Step 2: Rub Paint on Underside

Dip the cloth in the paint and rub it on the lined outer side of the sepal. Spread the paint lightly so the natural colour comes through and the textured lines show. Don't overwork it. It's not supposed to be opaque.

Step 3: Paint the Inner Surface

Let it dry, then flip it over and paint the inside with the paint brush. Get solid coverage, so the paint is opaque. House paint is usually thick enough for one coat. Let it dry as long as the manufacturer recommends

Step 4: Use As Fruit Bowl Centrepiece

Decorate with some simple fruits or flowers and use as a table centrepiece. To stabilise the base and prevent it from rocking, you could make a small circle from rope, or by plaiting together three lengths of wide gardening jute. This could sit flat on the table, with the fruit bowl sepal on top.