How to Clone Blocks in Minecraft Pe!

Introduction: How to Clone Blocks in Minecraft Pe!

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this is a really neat trick you can do with blocks in minecraft pe.this is a legit tutorial, since i will be doing it in survival.dont forget to comment,favorite,and follow!it also works in 0.7.3

Step 1: Materials

block of your choice, and an empty chest.

Step 2: Item

get the item you want to clone in the chest.

Step 3: Blockz

almost break a block of your choice. but just ABOUT dont accually break it. if you do, start over again.

Step 4:

get the item back on your inventory and place it down outside the chest.

Step 5:

get out of minecraft amd elete the history by clicking the home button twice and deleting minecraft. dont delete the acual app though

Step 6:

go back and check the chest. there should be the same block in it. thanks for looking!

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    6 years ago

    do you know how to make a invisible block?


    Reply 1 year ago

    /give @p barrier