Introduction: How to Make a SECRET Money Holder

Hello this is my first instructable so please leave constructive criticism. This basically shows you how to make a secret money slash whatever you want holder . it is really easy and kinda cool.

here are the things you need
a highlighter
a pair of pliers

Step 1: The Cap of Death

The first step is the hardest. You want to take the white part on the bottom of the highlighter and rip it off. The little things inside of it make it easier to grab but its pretty tough

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Junk Inside

Now is the easy part. Just take out the middle of the highlighter.

WARNING: don't take the plastic stuff off the thing inside or you will have a huge mess. Throw it out.

Step 3: Conclusion

insert money paper message cow whatever. Then put the cap back on and have fun with your new secret holder.