Introduction: How to Make a Ninja Grappling Hook

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im gonna show you how to make a ninja grappling hook.(it was meant to be a kusari gama but then i realized it looked nothing like it.

Step 1:

metal rod
string or rope(i used mason line because i didnt want to have to go and buy some 4 an ible)

Step 2:

first, put the rod in the vice and tighten it till it wont anymore.(i used a metal tube for more leverage)
then,take the hammer and beat it into a shape like this (Pic 1)
then beat it into another shape like this(pic 2)

Step 3:

next, bend a loop over the end as before from the side at the 90 degree angle.
put the string/rope in the loop and tie a triple knot.hamer the loop into a hole and there you go.

Step 4:

finally hammer the last part into a staple shape and your finished.