Introduction: How to Make a Simple Paper Glider

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Today I am going to show how to make a simple paper glider. Many people know how to make this type of glider but all the same I will tell you how to make it if you do not know how.

tip: use recycled paper

it can also be used to carry small notes and things but I would not recommend using it.

Step 1:

fold as shown in the picture. looks like a book when the crease comes on.

tip: run your nail over the edge

Step 2:

again fold as shown. Looks like a triangle now.

Step 3:

okay now fold the head of the triangle down. Like an envelope.

Step 4:

next fold the sides of the rectangle.

Step 5:

Lastly fold backwards or frontwards. I folded backwards.

caution: Flying methods will be different depending on this.

Step 6:

Next fold the wings and you complete the plane.

note the wings should fold like any other plane.
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