Introduction: How to Make an Underground Secret Base in MCPE

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Step 1: Materials

sapling of your choice wood of your choice bonemeal (white block) leaf block sand

Step 2: Area

find a place with alot of space

Step 3: Sapling

choose a sapling that will become part of the other trees.

Step 4:

grow your tree

Step 5:

cut down the bark that is visible

Step 6:

surround the area with the same bark to make the inside hollow

Step 7:

it should look like this

Step 8:

put more leaves on the tree to make it look less suspicius.

Step 9:

dig down in a stair style about 3 blocks down.

Step 10: Entrance

to make the entrance put sand around it in a random pattern

Step 11: This Was My Pattern

Step 12:

cover the hole to close the entrance

Step 13:

when going down break the center wood and sand as shown

Step 14:

the inside looks like this

Step 15: Viola!

you made a base! customize it and have fun hiding from people!