How to Repair a Rc Body

Introduction: How to Repair a Rc Body

today I'm repairing a crack on my traxxas slash

Step 1: Needed Stuff

hot glue
hot glue gun
paint (same color as body)
cue tip (paint brush will work too)

Step 2: Glue Crack

open crack and fill with hit glue the close crack and smooth with cue tip and cover back of crack with glue

Step 3: Paint

once glue drys paint crack the same color as body with the cue tip and sorry about the flash

Step 4: Let Dry and Then Go Show Off How Good You Are at Repairing Rc Bodys

this will stop it from getting bigger and will be a long lasting fix

Step 5: HOT TIPS

do this when the crack is small. have fun doing this.practice makes perfect. and if your wondering about the thing on top of my rc then go check out my rc light bar on my page

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