Introduction: How to Slice a Mushroom Without a Knife

One day I was asked to cook a dish that called for a lot of sliced mushrooms. They were going to be visible and so I wanted them to be neat and tidy as well as uniform in their thickness. I have a great knife but the slices kept sticking to the blade and so on. Then I thought, why not use that thing at the back of the cupboard that I never use to slice eggs.

So here it is. A knifeless mushroom slicer.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Mushrooms of course. The small mushrooms are much better for this system but we do not have a lot of choice in our area. The fresher the mushrooms are the better they will slice.

Some people apparently call this gadget an egg slicer but I call it a mushroom slicer since it slices mushrooms.

I guess you might need a knife to cut of the stems but I actually snap them off up under the cap.

So basically that is it. Just mushrooms and a mushroom (egg) slicer

Step 2: The High Efficiency Method of Mushroom Slicing

You place the mushroom on the slicer (with the wire portion raised), stem side up.

Then you lower the wires onto the mushroom. It is important that the mushrooms are not too large for the slicer. Several of the ones I bought were too large for the machine. You can still use the slicer if you slice off the round edge on two sides so that it is not so wide.

The mushroom in the slicer in the picture is too big and the edges are having difficulty.

Some people like to skin their mushrooms and so there is a picture here of a skinned mushroom in the slicer. They actually slice quicker with the skins off especially if they are not as fresh as you might want.

Step 3: So There You Are Mushrooms Sliced Without a Knife

Here they are all neat and tidy. The stems have been put aside to chopped for a special dish.

Now you can play with your food. Make spiral or flowers etc. to top your meat loaf or other dishes.