3 Handy (including One Super Handy) Tips Tricks

Introduction: 3 Handy (including One Super Handy) Tips Tricks

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This instructable has 3 helpful and interesting life hacks!

Step 1: Put Transparent Tape on Your Lcd Screen

This protects it from scratches and water, but not more than a drop of water.

Step 2: This Box Makes a Great Playing Cards Organiser.

Now I don't find Uno cards while playing Fletter!

Step 3: Matchboxes Are Hard to Burn


Cut a matchbox lid and stick the pieces inside another matchbox, like in the picture.

Then write a note and slide the lid on and throw it into the fire (SMALL FLAME OR STOVE, NOT BONFIRE.)

After five minutes the note will still be readable, but a bit burnt round the edges.

It will get holes, but due to lack of ventilation inside the box it fills with smoke and oxygen cannot enter, making the inside of the box hard to burn.

The pic above shows the maximum size of flame it can handle.

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