56' K'nex Tower





Introduction: 56' K'nex Tower

Here is a 56 foot tall K'nex tower that I made with three of my friends.  I constructed all of the tower sections at home days before and we transported them to a nearby farm where we built it beside a silo.  First we made a level wooden base at the bottom of the silo for the tower to sit on.  We then had one person go on the ladder (with a harness) to connect the pieces of tower, two people on the ground to prepare the sections and toe them to a rope to be raised, and one person on top of the silo to pull the sections up.  Within two hours we had raised it up and taken it down.  Very few pieces were broken in the entire process.  A video of it falling can be seen with the file below.



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    Thanks! It was actually quite fun to do. The cold was annoying but other than that we had a great time. We tried to make it fall in one piece but my friend and I pushed at the wrong time so it collapsed on itself.

    It was free-standing until we hit 40', then we used twist-ties to attach it in three places to the ladder. We knocked it over about five minutes after completion because it was getting dark outside.