90% Efficient MCPC Sugar Cane Farm 1.0

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Today we will make a 90% Efficient sugar cane farm. Right now my friend and follower gabemichalski1234 is sitting next to me and is helping me make this instructable. This might be one of my longer instructables so hang tight.

Step 1: Base

Start with a 10x10 square for a base.

Step 2: Dirt and Water

Add dirt and water like I did.

Step 3: Pistons

Add pistons one block above the water. I know it's really hard to see from the pic but try the best you can.

Step 4: Hoppers

Add some hoppers all linked to one in the corner. Then dig in that corner and find the one hopper.

Step 5: Redstone

Add blocks around the pistons so we can place the redstone. Then place the redstone and some redstone repeaters to keepp the signal going. Just add a button somewhere and then your done!

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