An Egg-cellent Egg Fortune

Introduction: An Egg-cellent Egg Fortune

This is a great gift you can make for anyone. It is perfect since it's cheap and easy but always fun. By the end you should have a hollow egg that looks like it hasn't been cracked, but when opened, it will have a fortune inside!

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Step 1: Materials

-1 egg
-1 thumb tack (or a needle or something similar used to poke a hole in the egg)
-1 bowl
- a dry area
- a sink
- paper
- scissors
- some sort of clay or putty
- paint to decorate egg

Recommended Materials:
- newspapers (for any mess)
- 1 bobby pin

Step 2: Draining the Egg

Take your egg and, using the push pin, make a tiny hole on the very top. It may be a bit difficult at first but if you push the pin while twisting it, it will stick right in.

Then when you take out the pin there will be a little hole. You can widen that so it is big enough for the yolk to come out. Once it is widened a VERY SMALL bit, you can put the  egg in a bowl and wait for it to drain or you can use a bobby pin to fish the yolk out of the egg and into a bowl (you can even scramble that yolk when you get done instead of throwing it away).

Step 3: Wash Out the Egg and Let Dry

Take the hollow egg to the sink and wash out all you can so its nice and clean.

Then sit it somewhere to dry, preferably outside if it is sunny, that way it will dry the fastest.

Step 4: The Fortune!

While the egg is drying, cut a small strip of paper out and write on it some sort of fortune, misfortune, saying, etc.

Roll it up and stick it into the egg.

You can put other things in there, like a Twinkie or whatever but I don't recommend because it could be to heavy for the egg to hold and the egg might break.

Step 5: Covering the Hole

Next get out your putty because your going to have to cover that hole you made earlier... we want it to be realistic right? So cover the whole as well as you can and try to make it smooth so that when you paint it, it will look as if it isn't even there.

This may take a couple of tries but  you'll get the hang of it.

Then let it dry (time to dry will vary depending on the putty/clay).

Step 6: Painting the Egg

Now take the completely dry egg and paint it in any way you like... as you can see I'm not the best painter in the world, which is why I should win the egg painter that is the prize of the contest this intractable is going to be entered in! 

Then leave out to dry.

Step 7: Your Lovely Egg Is Ready

Ta-da! A perfect little gift for anyone... especially some kids on Easter morning or a really cool breakfast.


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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    One tip which I saw years and years ago; put a small hole in top and a slightly larger hole on bottom. Put your lips to the small hole and blow the yolk out through the larger. Works great to make real Easter Eggs that won't stink if you don't find them! And now, thanks to you, I can put stuff inside! I might fill some with dollars for my older nephew and rolled stickers for my younger ~phew.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This would make a great prank too! Using this ible you could paint the egg white, fill it with confetti bits and break it over someone's head! GREAT and non-messy!