Angle Grinder Stand




Introduction: Angle Grinder Stand

I decide made this angle grinder stand, to be able to cut off straight metal or wood and cut exactly angle, which I want.

It cost me about 20$.

Step 1: Cutting Material

It's quite hard cut this aluminum profile straight for me, it's main reason, why I decide to build this holder.
First cut three pieces of this
First 530mm, second 380mm and third 170mm.

Step 2: Make Hinge

I made hinge from two wafer, which my friend cut on laser for me, square pipe and two wafer.
Next connect this two pieces with screw and nuts.
And hinge is done.

Step 3: Painting Parts

I painted it with color in spray.
Beware to ventilate enough.

Step 4: Connecting Stopper.

First drill hole to green part with auger 5 mm.
These profiles has hole thought, which are good for making whorl M5.

Step 5: Attaching Grinder

The grinder is attached with bolt M10. The screw passes through upper part of stand and is attached into hole on grinder, which is serving to connect handle.

Step 6: Add Spring.

The spring hold very vell even without holes or some else holder.
Because of this spring will angle grinder come back to main position.

Step 7: Shift

To make shift, we must add one more profile, to attach rails to it.

I used these "L" pieces and special nuts to connect it together with grinder stand.

Step 8: Attaching Rails

These rails are for drawer and pair cost about 3$ and it works pretty well.

I drill two holes for each rail, into aluminium profile with 4,6mm borer and made M5 whorl. Then I was able to attach rails with profile with little screw M5

Step 9: Connecting Table

I connected this piece of wood with two screws. They were little bit long, as you can see on the photo so I cut them off and it's fine

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi DanielR34!

    This is brilliant, thanks for sharing! I will have to build one. I'm thinking of combining your sliding tray idea with the angle selection and clamping idea of this instructable. Combined these two will make a truly formidable home tool!


    3 years ago

    you forgot to show how the grinder is attached.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, I'm sorry, I edited it and add one more step. Thank you :)