BJ-2 Combat Knife : KNEX

This knife is part of a series of weapons for BATTLEFIELD 2142, the Morretti SR-4 is part of that group. This weapon can easily be used to humiliate any foe.

In step 3 part 1 you can replace the 3 upper yellow half moons with white snowflakes, by doing this you can turn it into a bayonet!

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Step 1: Parts

Gather the parts that are needed:

Green Rods : 20
White Rods : 21
Grey Rods : 2

Dark Grey Connectors : 3
Red Connectors : 5
Green Connectors : 2
Yellow Connectors : 11
White Connectors : 2
Y Connectors : 1
Tan Clip Connectors : 1

Step 2: Start to Assemble the Parts

1. First of all make this part.
2. Add a red connector.
3. Add a yellow connector and a green rod.
4. Add another red connector.
5. Add 2 white rods.
6. Add a third white rod.

Step 3: Continue to Assemble the Parts

1. Add 4 Yellow Connectors, 3 White Rods and 4 Green Rods.
2. Get your 'Y' Connector ready.
3. Attach the 'Y' Connector.
4. Attach the 2 Grey Rods.
5. Make up the knife tip using a Dark Grey Connector, A Green Connector and a Green Rod.
6. Attach the tip to the Grey Rods.

Step 4: Assemble the Handle

1. Add a Connector and a Green Rod on each side.
2. Attach a White Rod across the handle and then attach 2 Yellow Connectors and 2 Green Rods, Repeat on the other side.
3. To one side attach this to it.
4. Attach 2 White Rods.
5. Add a Tan Clip Connector
6. Repeat Step 3 and make sure that the White Rods from Step 4 are connected.

Step 5: The Final Checks

1. Check the handle and make sure it is all put together correctly.
2. Make sure the blade is correctly connected into the handle.

Step 6: Complete

The knife is now complete. This knife is good for combat training, to do this cover the bottom Grey Rod and the tip with your mum's or your sister's lipstick. And when you you get a critical hit like the neck you will know for sure.



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    52 Discussions


    4 months ago on Introduction

    nice handle it looks pretty good and comfertable


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Most combat knives are non-folding and have a full tang in order to be sturdy, as they have tou double as survival and utility knives. Folding knives are good for EDC (Every Day Carry) as they are lightweight and small, so they are very portable and practical, but can't withstand a lott of force since the hinge is the weakest part (even if it is reinforced, it's a Solids Mechanics principle). But in a situation that requires my life depinding on a knife, I'll take a full tang 1/4 inch thick knife anyday over a folding knife. Moving parts = less cross-section inn that point = effort concentrator in the material = point of rupture.


    Most combat knives don't fold as if you went to slit someone throat you would have to open it, giving your position away with the distinctive "ching" of the knife springing out, unlike a solid one with a leather sheath!


    1. Unless you are a terrorist you shouldn't do that. 2. Can't you open it quietly. 3. it is safer to have a folding one than stabbing your OWN leg when its in you pocket, and that's just pathetic. 3. What was the point of typing all of that I hate when i type that much.

    Lol, you imply that only terrorists use knives. Why do you think it's called a "combat" knife? Also, you used the number 3 twice.


    10 years ago on Step 6


    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 6

    great game add me carbine98

    crazee mon

    10 years ago on Introduction

    amazing if you make it, you have to have sumdude's knife mod and mango man's knife sling so u can put it ind a holster


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Mine doesn't break. I don't know about the original, though. my mods: Add 22 orange connectors between the grey rods. Add some blue spacers on the lower rod (looking at the first picture in step 6) in front of the orange connectors. Change the red connector on the left (still on the same picture) with green connectors, and connect the extra slot with a white rod. And put a few more rods through the handle (particularly where the yellow connectors are. I've tried throwing mine against the wall, and it stays intact.