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Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you how to make Braided Bumper for Baby Bed, cute and trendy DIY nursery decor. You can make it monochrome, or use any color you like.

Let's start!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Stretch Cotton velvet Fabric (3 colors)
  • Pillow stuffing (6pcs IKEA SLÅN Pillows)
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle & Thread
  • Pins & Safety Pins
  • Empty Paper Towel Roll or Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Step 2: Cut Out

Fold the fabric in half (I took 150cm width). Measured 17cm and cut out.

2 pieces of each color 17cm x 150cm.

Step 3: Sewing Tube

Take 2 strips of the same color, fix them with pins and sew toghether. You obtain 1 long strip 17cm x 300cm. Form a sleave of fabric by folding strip in half the long way with the right side facing inside, and pin. Make sure that you use a planty of pins as the fabric will be prone to slip.

If you took Velvet, it is impotrant to make sure you always have the nap going the same way.

Step 4: Turn the Tube

Turn fabric tube right side out using a safety pin. Hook a safety pin in one end, turn the head of the pin down inside the fabric. Push the pin in, and then pull the fabric. Do this until the fabric tube is turned.

Step 5: Start Stuffing

Insert Empty Paper Towel Roll inside tube and roll the half of the fabric around (The half - because the tube is long, and we will work in 2 steps).

Start stuffing:

Place o small amount of pillow stuffing inside and push down with a long object (I use ruler). Keep doing this until you have stuffed the whole fabric tube. Ensure the tube is stuffed evenly. Leave a few centimetres at the end, then close with a safety pin to avoid the stuffing escape.

Now insert the paper roll from another side and stuff the remaining part. Repeat the same with remaining 2 tubes.

Step 6: Braiding

Join together 2 tubes with slip/ladder stitch. Now you a ready to braiding. Start making a basic braid. For a best results, the fabric seam should allways looks to the back. After, hide and secure the ends of tubes to the back of the braid using needle and thread.

The finished bumper has 2,75 m length, but it just a little because it is so soft and fluffy!

That’s it! Now you have unique and personalized nursery decor.



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17 Discussions


Question 5 weeks ago on Introduction

Hi there.
I am looking to make a 2.5m braided bumper of this. But not sure how much fabric to buy - can you please assist for fabric measurements?
I will be using either one color, or monochrome colors in 3.
It would be greatly appreciated!

1 answer

Answer 5 weeks ago

Hi SarahI37!
For 2.5m braided bumper is better to follow my steps. You will obtain a little longer bumper (2.75), but is not a problem. Braid, stitch one end, and cut the exact length.
About fabric:
For 1.5m fabric width, in one color, you should buy:
3tubes x (17cm x 2)=102cm
For 1m fabric width, in one color:
3tubes x (17cm x 3)=153cm
I hope I have helped you. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask. ;)


7 weeks ago

I am trying to make this for a 42” in diameter round crib. About 3.35 M circumference. What measurements do you suggest for fabric?

1 reply

Reply 7 weeks ago

I think you should sew a tube by 4m length, 3 of each one.
If your fabric is 1m width- buy 70cm and make one long tube from 4 parts by 1m.
If you take 1.5 width - 50 cm will be enough (cut in 3 parts by 1.5m and trim unnecessary part at final)
It's all about one tube of one color. If you make it monochrome multiple the size by 3.
Hope I helped you, good luck and share your result :)


Question 4 months ago on Introduction

Love this! For what size crib are these measurements? I have a crib big 120x60cm are these sizes going to get braid all the way around?

1 answer

Answer 4 months ago

Hi, I suggest you to sew 3 tubes by 4m long.
After you braided the bumper and before sewing the endings, just try it in the crib and trim if it will be longer.


Question 7 months ago

Hi, love your colour choice. How long was the end product? I need my completed braid to measure 2.5m. Do I make 3 tubes of 5m in length?

1 answer

Answer 7 months ago

Hi, thank you for the question. The finished bumper has 2,75 m length. I suggest you to try the same size as I, because it is soft and fluffy and adjusts a little.
Good luck and waiting your photos


8 months ago

It looks great! Maybe I'll try it. Thanks!


8 months ago

I thought you weren't supposed to use these anymore because they can suffocate your baby? No?

2 replies

Reply 8 months ago

Thanks for the warning. Good information to read and research for parents.


Tip 8 months ago

It's good and safe


8 months ago

oh that's nice and safe...thanks for sharing!