Barbecued Honey Seafood

Introduction: Barbecued Honey Seafood

I was a bit too surprised to read this recipe 'barbecued sea food with honey'.How would it taste?Sweet or yummy?Well here it is ,I tried out with my own barbecue sauce instead of using bottled sauce.It turned out great.

Step 1: Original Name of Recipe

This is a picture from my Encyclopedia recipe book.On top it says 3 hours marinating time,but reading the full recipe it says to keep for couple of hours or over night.

Step 2: Ingredients

500 gr Uncooked prawns (shrimps)

250 gr fresh scallops OR 2 Squids

1/4 cup Honey

2 Table spoon soy sauce

1/4 cup bottled barbecue sauce OR Home made barbecue sauce

For the home made Barbecue Sauce

2-3 table spoon (full) Paprika paste

4-6 Garlic

3 tea spoon curry powder

2 -3 Tea spoon Vinegar

11/2 Tea spoon Salt -you can add a little bit more if you are a salty person.

Step 3: Clean & Wash

I have used 2 squids instead of scallops.Clean prawns keeping the tail intact. Wash and drain water.Do the same to the squids and chop into small pieces.If you are using wooden skewers soak them in water before threading the sea food.I have used metal skewers.Oil the metal skewers and thread the sea food alternately onto the skewers. I am a bit fussy in cleaning sea food.Thanks to my husband -this step was done by him.

Step 4: Home Made Barbecue Sauce

The original recipe is bottled barbecue sauce,instead of bottled barbecue sauce I have made my own barbecue sauce which is much more tastier.Mix all the ingredients (Paprika paste,Vinegar,Salt, Curry powder,Soy sauce,Honey,Garlic)together with finely grated garlic.This can be bottled and refrigerated for about a couple of days.You can make it to a paste or bit watery to pour over.

**If you want ,can add a little bit chili powder.

Step 5: Apply & Refrigerate

Place in a shallow dish or baking tray and apply the sauce/ paste to the sea food which is already threaded to the skewers.Cover with clingflim and refrigerate for couple hours or over night.

Step 6: Turn Both Sides

Prepare the heat barbecue one hour before grilling.Here you see the yummy sea food grilling...brush frequently with the sauce/paste while grilling.If prawns and squids are too close to each other slowly separate with a blunt knife.

Step 7: Enjoy

A recipe has to be tried out to judge if it tastes good.Yes,this tastes good with home made sauce and easy to make too.

Thank you for taking time to view this.

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    Yummy! I love anything marinated in honey and then grilled! Sounds awesome, must try! :)

    these look tempting..prawns are my favorite seafood..yum yum ^_^

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    Oh so scrumptious! If I had the ability to feature it I would, it's a super insturctable :-)

    OMG....Looks so yum...sea fav!!