Binocular Stand

Introduction: Binocular Stand

A while back I took an old pair of binoculars to work so I could check out things like:
what that flashing light in the distance was..
what kind of helicopter/plane that was..
what those people on the street were arguing about..
what that sign said..

However, trying to read writing at a distance is difficult when you are holding the binoculars in your hands...

So I made a stand out of an old LCD monitor stand in about 15 minutes, using a screwdriver and cable ties.

Much more fun!

In summary, I;
popped the black cap in the second photo,
removed the spring that provided tension (since it no longer had a heavy monitor on it the tension spring wasn't needed),
cable tied the binoculars in place,
popped the cap back on.

Of course it is mostly used to hold my phone headset these days.. ;)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Could you upload a photo of it holding your handset as well? Great idea! Much needed. Also for a flip video, cell phone camera, tripod-like apparatus?