Bolt/Pump Repeating Slingshot (prototype)




Introduction: Bolt/Pump Repeating Slingshot (prototype)

OK so this is a little concept I cobbled together over the last couple days. In essence, it is a repeating bullpup slingshot/crossbow. Thereoretically, the magazine pusher could be enclosed, and attached to a bolt, for ease of reloading. Also, the horizontal mags could be made removable, something which few slingshots have. As you can see, this is really just to show that the feeding mechanism works. Which it does.

As for a firing mech, a simple ratchet could be implemented in the top bar/rail, released by a lever system originating at a trigger on the handle at the front. This means a compact bullpup design with all the technical gubbins behind the trigger, embedded in the stock. This leaves more room for stretching the bands, which will likely be attached to a bow in front of the handle.

Anyhow, please leave any feedback in the comments, and I will be sure to update this 'Ible with any progress I make.
(Obligatory notice - my first post: be gentle.) 



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    Just a quick heads-up, I've gone back and finished the thing off! However, its not anywhere near perfect, and I'm unsure how to get it working how I envisioned. Will aim to get some pictures up, as the magazine is very nice - removable horizontal mag w/ bolt, anyone? But getting a functional trigger and a bow, at least as far as I've tried, has been difficult, without abominable aesthetics or making to too wide to be sensible. Anyway, expect a final update later today, or in the next few days, before the project is shelved. :)

    Hmm... not bad! I think that it has some potential. I have tried this idea before, but never really pulled it off. This is a nice attempt. My only advice would be that you make it more ergonomic and slim the piece count down (bad grammar, I know).

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    I totally agree. I called it a "concept" for a reason. The finished build, when its done, will be much better, aesthetically and ergonomically - currently you can't even hold it to your shoulder because of the mag pusher. And as I said, stay tuned for updates.

    Great concept so far! From what I understand so far (for the magazine) it relies on the orange connector bending up to chamber a round, but does that hold together okay?

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    It holds together fine, although it'll probably unclip as soon as I test it properly, knowing my luck :L

    That's how it normally works for me too. Just seems to always happen that way. I will definitely be willing to build it when you have a final project!