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Introduction: Borderlands Makeup

This is a tutorial on how to do handsome jacks makeup for a female. But, it can be applied to many other borderlands female makeups. There are a lot of the same basic principals. You can just add and subtract as needed.

Soo lets make it happen in this makeup tutorial.

Step 1: What You'll Need


reference images

$5 contouring kit from 5 Below or another contouring kit that has a dark brown, a bronzer, and a bright white color

1 or 2 contouring brushes, a medium medium sized one and a smaller rounded shadow brush

liquid eyeliner(mine is hard candy brand, black)

makeup setting spray(like ben nye final seal spray)

face hinges (if you need them)

spirit gum

Additional supplies(optional)


liner brush

spirit gum remover

Step 2: Contouring

Don't be afraid to contour. In doing this makeup, I did contouring for the first time. Every time after I did this makeup, it just got better and better.

Get out your handy dandy reference images, and go for it.


In your contouring palette, use the lightest color that looks almost white.

Put in the highlights, both on the nose and at your temples down to the apples of your cheeks. It's all in the little diagram for this part.

Use your smaller brush to shade the sides of the nose, just like in your contouring diagram. Do not go too dark with this, or it will look very unnatural. And make sure to blend it in.

Darker color:

Now use the darker brown to shade in the eye lids all the way up to your eyebrows. You don't have to be super light with it, darker looks better here.

Then start to shade underneath your jaw. This is what will make your jawline look more sharp. Also shade the side of your face fading out towards the center of your face.

Note: make sure you are blending as you go. You don't want any unsightly makeup lines that make it look messy.

Also shade around the sides of your throat. Blend that shading into what you did underneath your jaw.

You can then put in the shading underneath the cheakbones which will give you an even slimmer face.

Makeup Don'ts:

Many crevices can be filled with the darker contour color but there are also some to avoid when doing a feminine makeup.

Do not shade the smile lines, the unibrow area, heavily under the eyes, or under the bottom lip.

Next you'll need to put in the mask lines.

I like to draw these in first with the smaller contour brush and bronzer. Then go back over those areas with the darker color, shading darkest around the edges of the "mask" and fading out.

This will create the appearance of wearing a mask by making your "maskface" look like its coming off of your skin. Yeah, maskface!

Assuming that you're happy with what you did, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Cell Shading

Step 4: Applying Face Hinges

Refer back to your reference images and check ou the placement of your face hinges.

Once you have a mental picture of where you would like them to go, take a wet paper towel, or makeup remover to that spot. Glue will absolutely not stick to it.

Make sure your don't over-remove makeup so that you can see where you removed it, even with the hinges on.

Next, apply some spirit gum onto the back of one of your hinges. Brush it on like you would nail polish. Not too thick. Then you will need to count to 30 before it goes on your skin. It will become tacky and then you can press it into place. If you hold it on for another 30 seconds, you should be good to go all day as long as you aren't sweating profusely.

I found that I needed to reapply them 2-3 times throughout the day in blazing heat. And really I only reapplied the chin hinge. But most of the time, I would end up snagging on of the hinges on my clothing and thats what made it loose. Nonetheless, you will know before it falls off, when its time to reapply spirit gum.

Apply the other hinges in the same fashion.

Step 5: Touch Up and Finish

Now fix up any parts that you may have smudged while applying the lines. Try not to go back over the black lines.

So now you are ready to go.

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    4 years ago

    so amazing! handsom jaqui?


    4 years ago

    Beyond cool! It's great to see something other than a few random black lines drawn on the face. I love the clips and how well this look came together. You have my vote! :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! This is really impressive.

    When you add those lines in step 3 everything just comes together and really pops. The finished look is fantastic!