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Introduction: Butterfly Cake

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Follow this instructable to learn how to make a beautiful butterfly cake and cupcakes.

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Step 1: Plan and Gather Supplies

First come up with a plan. Figure out a few things:

How many people does this cake have to serve?

What flavor will the cake/icing be?

What color will the icing be?

What tools do I already have to make this cake?

What do I need to buy to make this cake?


The supplies that I used are shown below:

3 boxes of vanilla cake mix (9 eggs, 1 cup oil, 3 cups water)

12" round cake pan

Butter and flour for greasing pan

Cup cake pan and liners

Cooling area.


Bake cakes according to directions. I made a two layer cake so I had to use the 12" round pan twice. Cook your cupcakes according to directions on box.

Let all cakes cool.

Step 2: Decor

You can make the décor pieces ahead of time. I chose to do this the night before.

You will need 1/2 spheres baking sheet (is typically used for cake pops)

A folded V-shape made of cardboard wrapped in Saran wrap.

Shape and Amaze decorating sugar dough

Food dye (gloves to work with dye is preferred)

Small butterfly and flower cookie cutters

Silicone mat

White edible pearls

a small amount of icing for gluing on pearls


Work to soften a couple tablespoons of Shape and Amaze so that it is workable.

Separate into three balls and knead desired colors into each ball.

Roll separate dough colors into a flat sheet.

Use cookie cutters to make shapes.

Lay shapes in the 1/2 spheres to set. Place butterflies in the V cardboard shape.

Use a dab of icing to glue little pearls inside flowers.

To make leaves use a pointed butterfly wing as a template. Use a toothpick to score a center line and pinch one end to give it a 3-dimensional shape.

Loosely cover pieces while they set.

Step 3: Icing

Butter Cream Icing:

1 1/2 cups Unsalted Butter, Softened

1 cup Vegetable Shortening

8 cup Powdered Sugar, Sifted

2 tsp. Vanilla Flavor

1 tsp. Salt

2 tbsp. Milk

1 to 2 tbsp. Light Corn Syrup

To make Butter cream icing:
-Mix the shortening and butter until fluffy (can take up to 7 minutes) with a whisk attachment.
-Mix in the vanilla, milk, salt and corn syrup.
-Add 1/2 of your powdered sugar and mix in, then add the other half and then mix until fluffy ( about 5-6 min)
Put one cake on a cardboard cake circle,
carefully cut top level with a serrated knife.
Apply a generous amount of icing on top of that layer and level out.
Add the second layer.
Coat entire cake with icing.
Refrigerate until set then add one more layer of icing covering the whole cake.

Store unused icing in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Step 4: Ice Your Cakes

Make sure cakes are completely cook before icing.

Ice your bottom layer cake by plaing the cake on a 12" round cardboard circle.

I use a jar on top of a lazy susan as a turntable for icing my cakes.

Start applying icing in the center and work towards the outer edges. Ice the sides and keep working the icing smooth.

Once you have a good base layer you can refrigerate the cake and then apply another coating on top of that. Try to make the icing as level as possible for the top of the cake.

gently place your second cake layer on top of the first and repeat the icing process.


You can spread icing on the cupcakes however you like. I used a round Wilton tip and applied icing in a spiral.

Step 5: Design

The butterfly is the focus of this cake. Use a large piece of construction paper wider than 12" to make a stencil.

Fold in half and draw your 1/2 your butter fly and cut out. Unfold to reveal your butterfly stencil. You may want to practice a few times on regular paper to make sure you're getting the shape you want.

Carefully place stencil on the top of the cake. You may have to hold little edges that keep wanting to pop up. Going to each wing segment, spray near the top of the wing. Spray a little less as you go down the wing segment towards the center of the butterfly. Use another color in the center and spray from the middle going outward in each wing segment. Lift your stencil and you have your colorful butterfly.

Use a small round tip to pipe on veinwork onto the wings. Trace the outline of the butterfly as well. You can use a more natural vein pattern or come up with a whimsical one. Use a little black icing as the butterfly's body. You can also accent the wings with more edible pearls.

Don't forget to adorn your cupcakes with the little

Refrigerate cake and cupcakes until it's time for your party. Enjoy!

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