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Introduction: Cataclysm Knex Ball Machine

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After over a year of construction, Cataclysm is finally finished! It has 6 paths and 10 lifts. 8 of those lifts are new. It stands almost 8 feet high. I haven't counted the pieces yet, but I will soon. The 10 lifts are organized into 3 networks, each network having two paths. I had to buy many pieces while building, most of which were blue connectors, blue rods, and green rods. I completely ran out of yellow rods. A Lego train runs around the bottom of the ball machine. :-)

This used 16 AA and 3 C batteries to power the motors.

Construction was started on May 25, 2009, and I finished on September 25, 2010.

The grand total of pieces is 28,538!

Click here for the picture album, with higher quality pictures!

Here is the video!



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    I love the green tunnels you utilized in this build and in the Citadel.

    1 reply

    Thanks! I was planning on making a long curving one in my unfinished ball machine, so it was built into Citadel instead.

    How much K'nex do you have? And how did you get it all? Buying sets? Ebay? And did you buy them yourself, or did someone else buy them?

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    I have 40-50,000 pieces, and most were bought from Ebay. Recently I started buying them with my own money, but lots of the other pieces were for birthday/Christmas presents.

    Nice ball machine! Very innovative and ingenious! :-)

    Do you have any idea where I can get some closer images or instructions on the element in 2:29 - 2:33 ?

    4 replies

    Thanks! I don't have access to any pictures right now, but if I remember I'll make a Cataclysm album on Flickr this weekend.

    wow!We have maybe 10,000-15,000 pieces.I'm a Christian too! How did you embed your video? Thats a photo of part of our ball machine a week ago.

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    Cool! Do you build with someone else? (I noticed you said "we"). To embed the video there's an icon near the right side, and when you click it you can paste the embed code there. 

    we're new to this what grade are you in?How many pieces do you have?
    are you in school if so what grade are you in?