Knex Ball Machine Catastropha Update 2



Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Catastropha Update 2

You can find me over on Knexflux!
I decided to make a new upedate of Catastropha even thought I didn't make many changes. But therefore I made a shourt vid you can see below of 1 Path that is not finished yet. I also invented a nother completly new lift I'm calling pump lift. It pumps simpely the balls up. The idea of the alternative stairs is by Kairah, but he never maneged to made them working 100%.
And here is a vid of the pump lift in action!



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    hehe, thanks! As I made already a lot since that update I may finish it in a couple of months. :)

    ok, then search ebay, and if you don't find there something then go to knex user groups. ( but I'll rather wait till there's something good at ebay because user groups is VEARY expensive.