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Introduction: Cedar Succulent Planter

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Make this lovely succulent planter out of 3x3 cedar plank.

Step 1: Cut Your Stock to Length

I had 1000mm (40'') long piece of 3x3 cedar so I cut in in half to make two of these.
You can make it any length you need/like.

Preferably use rot resistant wood for this project.
If you can't find or buy it you can do this project with any wood, even a driftwood would be great.

Step 2: Drill Planting Holes

Find the middle of your piece and drill a 2'' (50mm) hole but NOT all the way through!
If your drill has speed control set it on the lowest setting (highest torque) and hold the drill securely.

I used 2'' Forstner bit but you can use any type of bit that will give you this hole diameter.

Please, use safety glasses/googles!

PS. This drilling will make a lot of chips :)

Step 3: Drainage Holes

Use 1/4'' (6mm) drill bit to drill the drainage holes.

The hole goes through, please see the images.

Step 4: Plane & Sand

Use a hand plane to take off the sharp corners and then sand with 120 and 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 5: Sign Your Project

Signature Transfer:

I sign my work with ink transfer onto wood.

I use laser printed mirror image of my design and pass it

with thinner onto the wood (it is very easy but takes a bit of practice).

Try it first with something you have laser printed on a normal paper (gloss and ink-jet print won't work).

Step 6: Finish It

I used beeswax-oil finish but you can use any finish you like.

I recommend using non-glossy finishes as they ruin the natural beauty of the wood.
Then again, if you like the sparkle and bling - all the power to you!

Step 7: Plant It!

Use any type of plants to plant your planter (that is a lot of word plant in one sentence).

I like succulents because they are very resistant plants and don't need much water (good for the wood) and confess it, they look beautiful.

Step 8: Enjoy It!

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    5 years ago

    it's called the font you use for your signature ? that the product uses to transfer the ' image on the wood ? thanks a lot...

    DIY Andrea
    DIY Andrea

    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi, I really don't know. I made them over a year ago and I made vector image so I don't have the font. Sorry.


    5 years ago

    Great instructable.