Celebrate Christmas With K'nex This Year!!!

Introduction: Celebrate Christmas With K'nex This Year!!!

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Christmas is almost here again, and many of us still have plenty of things on our "to-do" lists! Take a weight off of your shoulders this year by letting these last-minute K'nex Christmas ideas get the job done!

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Step 1: K'nex Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree in style with these super-cool K'nex tree ornaments! Taking mere seconds to build, these ornaments can make decorating a breeze!

TO BUILD: (Makes one ornament)


-One white connector
-One green rod
-One purple loop connector


Connect the green rod to the top of the white connector.


Connect the purple loop connector to the green rod.


Done!!! Make more and decorate your tree!

Step 2: K'nex "Snow"

"Let it snow" with these extremely simple no-build K'nex snowflakes! Place them on a blue or red backround for a wintry decoration, or distribute them on tablecloths and Christmas cards to add a chilly cheer to your loved ones holiday!

Step 3: K'nex Mini-Tree

Make your Christmas party guests say "Oh, a Christmas tree!" in surprise when they see this miniature masterpiece! Place tiny stocking-stuffers underneath to make a great treat for young children!

Step 4: K'nex Mistletoe

Watch "Mommy kiss Santa Clause" under this special mistletoe made from K'nex! Taking only five minutes at most to build, this plastic plant will add a hint of romance to your Christmas celebrations!

Step 5: K'nex Garland

Bring in that special Christmas light with these easy-to build K'nex stars! Hang them on a wall or window to give a special holiday ambiance to your entire home!

Step 6: K'nex Garland

This snowman may not be frosty, but he sure is friendly! Place him outside in the yard or up on the mantle to turn your house into a winter wonderland!

Step 7: K'nex Garland

Enhance your Christmas tree with this special K'nex garland! With red and green Christmas colors, this garland will add a festive feel to your decorating this year!

Step 8: Merry Christmas!

Hopefully you have found something helpful amongst all of these ideas! Have a K'nextra Special Christmas and a great New Year! (More K'nex Christmas projects will be posted in separate ibles).

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Im not a Christian though. If i was, these would be a must :D

    The Red Book of  Westmarch
    The Red Book of Westmarch

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I can understand you sentiment about not being a Christian (I am follower of Christ), but what does that have to do with desk decorations? XD


    6 years ago on Introduction

    WOW! Cool stuff here! And you know, you really could do commercial ads if you wanted to!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I quite like the snowflakes, simplicity is the key