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Browsing through the recent 'ibles I found this center-finder I commented that a rubber band would do virtually the same thing and when Apolo8 asked for more information I said I would do my own 'ible on it.

Here is the cheapest, simplest and yet a super effective center finder!

All you need is a rubber band, a pen and your object.

Please note that rubber bands come in all sizes, objects do too... You will need a rubbo relative to the size of your object.

Lets get on to the method shall we?!

Step 1: Method.

All you will need to do to find your center is stretch the rubber band so it meets all four corners of the object.

You will need a twist in the rubber band.

Due to the elasticity of the band the twist will automatically fall to the middle of the four points of the object.

This is easily shown if you have a block of wood with a nail in each of the four corners, twist the rubbo and put it over the nails and mark the center!

Put 4 dots on the object and then remove the rubbo.

Now you can mark the middle of the 4 dots by guesswork (which shouldn't be too hard) and drill your hole!

Move on to see the verniers in action...

Step 2: Proof Part #1

To prove this method we need to do a few things.

Firstly we need to measure the diameter of the object, this turned out to be the following:

Width:48.0mm (480)

Length: 71.0mm (710)

Now we need to divide these measurements by 2, the results are as follows:

Width: 24.0mm (240)

Length: 35.5mm (355)

The final part of the process is in the next step, I will use the verniers to measure the distances!

Step 3: Proof Part #2

Now is where I measured the distances between the edges and the dot.

As you can see by the verniers the dot is pretty central!

I would like to note one thing, when I measured the width you can see a gap of about 1mm, this is because the box has a bow in the middle where I took the first measurement.

You can see though, the measurements are equal and relative to the dimensions of the box!

Thanks for reading, please share this info and I hope it helps you!



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    You would get your circle (let's say a lid) and use the rubbo like measuring a square but you need to put the corners in a square shape on the edges of the lid and you would get a center.

    If the top edges and bottom edges are in a square shape you will get a central mark.