Cheap Target Halloween Makeup - Alien Edition

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Step 1: First

go ahead and outlined with about eyeliner, then use purple to cover your face but leave the eye holes and mouth hole clear.

Step 2: Shadows

Getting a bright purple eyeshadow place it under the mouth and eyes.

Step 3: Highlight

using a pink shadow I highlighted above the eyes and on my cheeks.

Step 4: Contour

I then heavily contoured with dark purple shadow.

Step 5: Eyes

I then filled in my eyes with black cream makeup and a black eyeshadow

Step 6: Outline

using that black cream makeup I added nostrils, then outlined my mouth and teeth.

Step 7: Mouth

I used red cream for the gums, I also used purple lipstick on my bottom lip,I filled in my mouth with the black cream makeup, and white cram makeup for my teeth.

Step 8: Details

using the white for shine in the eyes, then using black for wrinkles around the mouth and forehead, also I added a brow bone.

Step 9: Body

covered the body in purple, then added black dots on my shoulders.



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