Chilli Powdered Mango

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This delicacy is often found in Mexican beaches but I've managed to reproduce it in my home. Mangoes are rare and expensive but you'll never regret eating it this way. My mouth is watering just to see the pictures!

Step 1: Ingredients


Chili powder (you can find this kind of sweet chili powder in latino stores)

Mango fork (or just a fork)

Step 2: Mango in Fork

Hold the mango with one hand and the fork with the other.

Place the fork right under the mango. Try to introduce the fork in the mango and if it hits the mango seed (you'll feel it very hard) it's the right place to put it.

Keep holding the fork and mango like this and hit the lower part of the fork with a strong surface (the floor for example). You'll feel how the fork starts going inside the mango. I've tried this with regular forks and some of them that have very thin metal work but it's always better to use a mango fork.

Step 3: Peel

Start peeling your mango in vertical sections beginning up. You can hold it from the mango fork to make this easier.

Step 4: Little Cuts

Use a knife to make little cuts. Start from the bottom and introduce it diagonally until you hit the seed. Move the back part of the knife down to make the cut open.

Step 5: Chili Powder

Start sprinkling the chili powder all over your mango. Make sure it reaches the inside of the cuts (this is the best part). Put as much or as little as you want (or can take).

There you have it, a delicious and juicy mango to savor bite after bite.




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    Joe Cross

    11 months ago

    Looks interesting.
    Next time I buy a bunch of mango I will give it a shot.