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These cute Kawaii clay sweets are tiny and have bright smiles

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Step 1: Kawaii Cupcake

Take some light tan clay and roll in to a short log
Take a brush and brush the top of the cupcake
Take a balling tool and form the wrapper
Dip the balling tool into black paint and paint a face on the cupcake
Bake and glaze

Step 2: Kawaii Strawberry

Take a ball of red clay and form into a teardrop
Place some flat pieces of green clay on the thicker part
Paint a face with the balling tool and paint
Bake and glaze

Step 3: Kawaii Cookie

Make a flat round ball and poke the clay with a toothbrush
Make small balls of dark brown and place on top of the cookie in different places
Paint a face
Bake and glaze

Step 4: Results


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