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Introduction: Space Saving Closet Hangers

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Increase the space in your closet by 60% for under $20!!!

Step 1: Part List

2 packages of "S" hooks ($2.48 EACH)
PART# 62770 S Hooks C-60 6 PE

12 feet Handy Link Utility Chain ($0.52 a foot)
PART# 10165

Have a Store Assistant cut your chain to 1 foot lengths keeping 13 or 15 links in a segment.

13 links will hold 7 articles of clothing and 15 will hold 8.

Step 2: Assembly

Here's the hard part!

Hang Hook in closet,
Hang Chain on hook,
Hang Clothes Hangers on chain,
Hang Clothes on clothes hangers!


Step 3: Finished Product

Any chain with a wide enough hole will work however make sure the chain and the hook is rated to hold over 35 pounds.

We used a closed/welded chain link so our cloths won't get snagged.

There is a variety of different coated chains that may brighten up your closet as well as protect your clothes.



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    chwbcc - what a fantastic idea. My wife and I are kicking off full time RV living and obviously the space is limited. After looking at a few commercial options, this beats anything I have seen or could make; and the effort is well, effortless. I will be adding reinforcement to the closet bar to maximize the use of these. Thanks for sharing. Pictures to follow.

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    Awesome! These chains have been an important part of our closet now for a couple of years. This is one of those rare life hacks that is cheap, durable, and easy to make.

    You will definitely need to reenforce the curtain rod if you have a lot of these in your closet. They save you space but that only means you can hang more things, and more things weigh more! LOL

    Can't wait to see pics and safe journeys in the RV!

    Thanks juanjok, I hope it helps save you some space! If you make a set feel free to post some pictures!

    Damn good idea....I am very innovative but never thought of this one.... I bought the plastic space saver hanger things and have broke two so far...I don't see these breaking so easily...Thumbs up to ya and thanks for the great Idea!!

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    I am glad you like it. Every time I build a set of these (10 total) my wife steals them. I'm afraid the closet racks are going to give out any day now!


    2 years ago

    My two Cts: The idea is enticing and seems to be a good one at first sight, but... Thinking about it back and forth and inspecting my own closet, I can tell you that I never ran out of closet space because of the hangers interfering on the rail, but rather of the clothes interfering at the bottom. Fabric thickness building up is the basic problem of closet space usage, and cascading clothes down doesn't really solve it because overlapping each other they end up side by side nonetheless. All clothes on the chain sum up in thickness the same way they would right on the rail. In my eyes, only benefit you could get out of this would be with two items on one chain with the lower item on the chain ending up under the lower end of the higher item, thus doubling the usage of space by using one "slot" for two items (which should rarely be applicable for adults' clothes in most closets).

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    Thanks for the comment. The part that actually builds up is the bulk of the clothes at the shoulder. When you account for the fabric and the hanger together that is where the build up happens. When you stagger the hangers down the chain you stagger the build up of the clothes + hangers.

    This really does save space because you can hang 6-7 articles in the space you would normally hang two.

    There's a similar product called Wonder Hangers, bit these hold more. THANK YOU

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    My stepdaughter brought this device to my attention, and so I showed her how it won't work. I had her hold two hangers with jeans on them next to each other the way they would hang in a closet ordinarily. Then I had her lwer one of the hangers a couple of inches. This is how much the Wonder Hanger -- AND the chain method discussed here -- would shift it. The two items, of course, still occupied the same space horizontally...

    True enough, but I use them any way as a way to organize and control items in the closet by type and color. I found ones like the plastic hangers with holes in chromed steel with cutouts ! Cost a bit more, but held jeans on chrome or wooden hangers (which were too heavy and just pulled the plastic hooks on the rods out straight). S hooks and chain would have been cheaper & easy.

    No Problem, My wife loves the extra space in our closet... Now she can add more clothes!. Now I am afraid these hangers are going to last longer than the racks they hang on! I'm glad you like it, tell your friends :)

    my grandfather did something similar to this except with rope because he had so much clothes between him and my grandmother so he thi little links in a rope hunger off of hooks put into studs and then organized what went on to the ropes by category

    Good stuff..instead of chain , we can use cable tie in loop..even simple ..

    Any suggestions for the big old closet rods? A little s hook won't work

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    Don't over think it, simply make you chain a few links longer and wrap the chain around the rod and use the hook to secure the chain around the rod. ;)

    Those old wooden rods are really strong so you probably support a lot more weight then these cheap closet racks.

    I hope this helps.

    Brilliant! This cheap and easy project will be a lifesaver for our tiny Brooklyn closets--thanks for posting!