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Just like everyone else I am always loosing my keys so I thought it would be very useful to have a bowl especially for my keys.

Step 1: Buy and Drain the Coconut

Coconuts are really cheap and are available from most supermarkets. The coconut was then drained by poking a hole in it with a pen knife. I love coconut milk so I drank it all :).

Step 2: Split in Half

Split the coconut in half ether with a hammer or on a rock. I find it easier with a hammer but use what feels comfortable. Hit the coconut roughly in the centre and it will spit almost exactly in half.

Step 3: Removing the Meat

Remove the coconut flesh from both sides of the coconut. I find it easiest to cut a small slice out and then scrape the rest out into a bowl and save it to eat for later.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Base

Use a protractor to mark out a circle to cut out. Then use a dremel or drill to to drill holes around the marked out circle. Hammer out the inner circle.

Step 5: Smooth Edges

Then use sand paper to smooth down the rim of the bowl and also the hole in the base so that it fits together easily.

Step 6: Gluing Together

Then use UHU or any strong glue that will fix it together. Leave it it to dry and it should be very strong.

Step 7: You've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Finished! now you will never loose your keys again :) (no promises).

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    4 years ago

    If you drill a hole in the opposite side of the first hole it drains faster


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you I will use that next time it was draining pretty slowly.