Coconut Oil Use No# 101: IRON FURNITURE




There are at least 100 uses for coconut oil, well there is one more to add. I use this oil on my iron kitchen chairs and table as well as an iron curio. When I used a damp cloth or multipurpose cleaners they left the finish dull and using a furniture polish like Pledge put a little too much shine on the finsh as well as making the furniture surfaces greasy and slippery. Coconut oil does a WONDERFUL job giving the finish a bit of a shine, highlights and allows the actual color of the piece to show and leaves no trace of greasiness or residue.

Step 1: The Furniture

These are the two pieces of furniture i will use for demonstration.

Step 2: Apply the Oil

I use a folded paper towel and apply about 3 drops of the coconut oil to the surface of the furniture, it doesn't take much oil to get the job done. Just wipe the oil on the surface and then use a soft cloth to buff the surface and done.

Step 3: Results

  • There is no glare in these photos just shine from the oil.1st image the coconut oil treated part of the arm is on the right.
  • 2nd image untreated curio surface
  • 3rd image treated surface, note the subtle shine and color enhancement


  • 1st image side by side comparison, treated surface on left
  • 2nd image same side by side comparison from alternate angle
  • 3rd image side by side comparison, treated surface on the left, wonderful color enhancement and shine
  • 4th image side by side comparison
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      3 years ago

      Simple and useful. Thanks!