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Heyheyhey!!! This is my new instructuble on how to make cool minecraft furniture! And this will probably be better than the first one!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! ;)

Step 1: Shelves!!!!!!!!

Okay the things you'll need are:

• birch stairs
• birch slabs
• spruce log
• spruce leaves (whatever u call it)

Step 2: Place Stairs Like This

Step 3: Place Slabs in Between!

Step 4: Add Some Detail!

Done!!!!! :)

Step 5: Couch!!!!

Things u will need are:

• quartz blocks
• quartz slabs
• quartz stairs

Step 6: Place the Blocks

Step 7: Place the Stairs

Step 8: Place Slabs in Between

Step 9: Place Slabs on Top

Done!!!!! :)

Step 10: BBQ!!!!!!!! (easy)

Things you will need are:

• brick blocks
• stone brick slabs
• stone brick stairs
• trapdoors
• nether brick blocks

Step 11: Place Nether Brick Blocks

Step 12: Place the Bricks

Step 13: Place Nether Brick Blocks on Top

Step 14: Put the Stone Brick Stairs

Step 15: Place Trapdoors

Step 16: Place Slabs on the Sides

Done!!!! ;)

Step 17: Done!!!!!!!

Hope u liked it!!!!


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See ya at my next instructable!!!!!!!



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    1 year ago


    Cool! This will help me make a better house. Could you do a Great Depression radio?