Crochet Snowflake

Introduction: Crochet Snowflake

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Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies. I've decided to crochet a snowflake. I hope you are able to follow along and enjoy this instructable. It's not too hard.

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Step 1: Abbreviations and Supplies

All you need for this project is:


Crochet hook (depends on how big you want your snowflake)

Yarn needle

st - stitch

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

sl st - slip stitch

ch - chain

ch-sp - chain space

sk - skip

Step 2: Snowflake Pattern

Make a magic ring.

Rnd 1: ch 3, 2 dc into the ring, *ch 4, 3 dc into the ring* 4 times, ch 4, sl st to first ch 3 top.

Rnd 2: sl st until next ch-sp, ch 1, sc in the same ch-sp, *ch 4, sc, ch 6, sc, ch 4, sc* in the same ch-sp, ch 3, sk next 3 dc, sc in next ch-sp; repeat * to around, after crocheting last ch 3, sl st to first st.

Fasten off. Leave the yarn tail if you want to hang it or weave the end.

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