How to Make a DIY Automatic Coin Sorter



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Learn to make an automatic coin sorter machine that sorts coins for you!

DIY Ocean teaches you how to make an automatic coin sorter machine that will help you segregate your coins and make it easier to store them. This can be made as a cool science project for kids as well!

Follow the instructions step by step and have fun doing it yourself !

You can see the complete video to the tutorial here.

Materials required:

  1. Cardboard
  2. 9V battery
  3. Battery clip connector
  4. On/ Off switches
  5. Connecting Wires
  6. Gluegun
  7. Gluesticks
  8. Fevicol
  9. DC motor
  10. Cardboard Cutter
  11. Pen Knife Cutter
  12. Super Glue

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Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial to See the Clear Demonstration of Do It Yourself Coin Sorting Machine.

Step 2: Now We Begin the Project. Use Cardboard Pieces of Shown Dimensions to Make 3 Boxes.

Step 3: Use Carboard Pieces of Shown Dimensions to Create Frame of Coin Sorter, Then Place Boxes Inside.

Step 4: Use Cardboard Rectangle of Shown Size and Create Basic Markings As Shown

Step 5: Create Markings for Each Coin and Cut Out Portion As Shown.

Step 6: Attach It to the Frame and Cover With Carboard Sheet. Add Bottle Caps to Boxes and Number Them As Shown

Step 7: Create Connection of Battery, Switch and Motor As Shown

Step 8: Create Outer Box of Given Dimensions and Attach All Components As Shown.

Step 9: Your Automatic Coin Sorter Is Now Ready to Use !

Step 10: Watch the Video in Case of Any Difficulty at Any Step

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