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Introduction: DIY LEGO Dimensions Case

I've recently started playing the latest game in the series of Lego games, LEGO Dimensions.

It's incredibly fun, and I've been collecting all of the figurines as they've come out, which left me with the issue of figuring out a way to store all of them.

To solve this, I designed a case that I think fits the bill.

It takes a couple hours from start to finish to build (excluding painting.. which takes a few hours on its own) but for me it's totally worth it. I end up with a handy way to store all my Lego characters, and it looks pretty cool too.

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Step 1: Materials / Tools


  • 2 x 20"x30" Black foam core sheets, 3/16" thick
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint


Step 2: Cut Out All Pieces

Using your straight edge and the pattern, cut out all the pieces.

You'll need:

  • 1 x Tray Bottom
  • 1 x Outer Box Top
  • 1 x Outer Box Bottom
  • 2 x Short Liner Pieces
  • 2 x Long Liner Pieces
  • 2 x Short Outer Box Pieces
  • 2 x Long Outer Box Pieces
  • 2 x Tray Ends
  • 2 x Tray Sides
  • 4 x Short Tray Walls
  • 3 x Long Tray Walls

Take your time cutting these, as the more accurate your pieces, the better the box will fit together.

Step 3: Notch Out Edges

Using the rabbet cutter, and the pattern as a guide, cut out the appropriate notches from the pieces.

This is a two step process, one cut will separate the foam from the paper, and the second cut will remove the foam from the rest of the piece.

Step 4: Assembly

Outer Box

At this point, I highly recommend you check out the video. The assembly starts at around 1:18.

That being said, here goes my attempt at a text description.

Start by gluing a long and short outer side piece to the bottom of the box. Make sure the notch in the short side is up, since this is what you'll use to remove the lid. Pin in place with sewing pins.

Then glue a short and long liner piece on the inside of the box, up against these two side pieces.

Next, glue a the remaining short and long liner pieces to the edges of the first two liner pieces.

Lastly for the outer box, glue and pin the last two outer side pieces (one long, one short). This will give you the outer box.

Inner Tray

For the inner tray, again, start by gluing a long and short tray side to the tray bottom.

Next insert the four short inner walls into the slots of the long tray side.

Then slide the long inner tray walls over top of these, lined up with the tabs of the short tray wall.

Lastly, glue the two outer tray walls to the tray bottom, inserting the inner tray wall tabs where they line up.

Step 5: Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Once all the glue has dried, remove all of the sewing pins from the box.

Put your vehicles and less used characters in the bottom of the box.

Put your most used characters in the tray.

Slide the tray into the box, and put the lid on top.

Step 6: Decorate!

Since Lego Dimensions is a game that's got a heavy galaxy theme to it, I decided to use a technique I learned from Sea Lemon on how to make galaxy prints.

I made a video showing my implementation of it:

Here's the original tutorial I used to achieve this:

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4 years ago

Great idea, my son loves Skylander's. The figures are taking over the place. I'm going to make this.


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4 years ago

Nice box design and galaxy print. :)