DIY Miniature Bow and Arrows





Introduction: DIY Miniature Bow and Arrows

This was a fun little project I did a couple months ago and it works pretty well so I thought I'd share it. This is an updated stronger version of my old now but with the same quiver. This is my first instructable so please go easy on me if I messed up. If you are going to try and build this yourself PLEASE don't be stupid and shoot some one or something living and I'm not responsible if you do.

Step 1: The Bow

In order to make this bow I first used a bamboo skewer I cut in half laterally using a boxcutter. I soaked it in water and tied it using string and left it there for a couple hours or a day until it was softer and then tightened the thread. I bent it into the shape seen in the intro pic.

Step 2: The Bowstring

For the bowstring I used some beading elastic I "borrowed" from my mom in order to get enough power from my fairly malleable bow. I also added some paperclip wire using pliers to the weak points to strengthen it.

Step 3: The Arrows

I made the arrows using toothpicks and cut a slit on each end. I then CAREFULLY inserted some red feather pieces on one end and a flat pointed scrap metal pice on the other along with some glue. I cut a strip of masking tape on the arrow head end to make it look authentic and to keep the arrowhead aligned. I made a few variations some using metal from soda cans and others that use red paper instead of real feathers.

Step 4: The Quiver

For the quiver I used some CLEAN scrap cotton fabric from a clean roll of gauze and since I can't sew or knit I just glued it :P. I attached some rubber bands that I colored using Sharpie and I made the working mini belt buckle shoulder strap out of some wire I used pliers to bend and covered it with more shiny scrap metal.

Step 5: Ready to Shoot

After all that the bow was finally ready to shoot. It took some practice but I finally mastered it. It can only shot through about 3 or 5 pieces of paper but has some pretty good range like about 7 meters. Once again NEVER aim at someone or some animal unless it's a spider and you want to be legolas. This was my first instructable so I hope you enjoyed!



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      When the bow dries it becomes stiffer and the wire around the center helps keep the bend. Sorry for the late response, I've been bust building new fun projects:), most recently this knight made of sardine cans and bandage cloth.


      This is really great!

      I had a question though: When you say you cut it in half with the box cutter, did you cut it in half lengthwise, like splitting it, or widthwise across it?

      1 reply

      The bamboo skewers are made of several long fibers, what I did was I cut it lengthwise like string cheese:). This allows the bow to bend in one direction and stay stiff in the other. I'm glad you liked it and sorry for the late response, I've been very busy building several fun projects;)

      really cool I made a instuctable on mine called mini bow and quiver feel free to check it out

      really cool man try making one out of a wire coat hanger it works really well

      PS this was just kinda an Inspiration kinda thing and not for detailed instructions I do however have an instruction guide for a steam punk bow which I suggest you check out