DIY : Novelty Bamboo Floor Lamp




Introduction: DIY : Novelty Bamboo Floor Lamp

About: Seafarer by profession, When in land I do projects for fun, always curious to learn!

A Simple bamboo floor lamp with RGB light (WiFi controllable) with simple tribal artwork .

This Instructables is all about turning a Bamboo piece from old project into a Floor Lamp.

I'm Using the Yeelight (available in eBay) for this project, It has the Music mode too.

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Step 1: Collecting the Parts

  • Yeelight, Phillips HUE or any Wifi Controllable RGB lamp.
  • Bulb Holder, Yeelight is E27 type.
  • Bamboo large enough to fit the bulb, I had 3 feet long one from a old project.
  • Wires
  • Dremel or any Drill
  • Paint, I'm using Orange as base coat and black for artwork. Yellow and Black or Brown and White also will look cool.
  • A Plastic Pipe to support the bulb inside the Bamboo
  • A small piece of wood to lock down the bottom

Step 2: Design and Electric Connections

Made the bamboo hallow,used a long iron rod to remove the nodes.

The bulb will be placed inside the bamboo.

Next is drilling the holes, I used dremel and different size drills. I decided to make a flowery pattern on the center part and random holes on top and bottom.

Next will be painting, Sprayed two coats of orange and let it dry.

Painting : I'm not good handling the brush. So wanted to make it simple and easier to draw and hence the cave painting kind of design. Used a black marker to outline things and paint using the brush.

Circuit is simple, two wires one end to the plug another to the Bulb holder.

Attached it to the pipe and pushed into the bamboo and screwed the lid to the bottom.

Step 3: Plug It In!

Turn the Lamp ON, you need to download Yeelight App or any other app than comes with your lamp from the store, Yeelight Supports both Android and iOS.

Follow the steps and add the lamp to your network, that's it.

Its even brighter than I thought it would, good enough to read a book at midnight.

Cheers :)

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