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Introduction: DIY Paper Crafts : Origami Jewelery Box Tutorial

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Ladies! This Easy Paper Craft is especially for you! The fantastic Origami Jewelry Box is super easy, extremely useful,does not take much of your time to be made and also is one of the best DIY Home Project Ideas that you can ever undertake. This fabulous Origami Jewelry Box made with a craft supply as simple as paper!

This DIY Easy Origami Project of making a colorful Jewelry Box is one Idea that will give you a clean, neat and tidy and super systematic storage of jewelry, necklaces, your bracelet charms and all other little things! go ahead and have a look at the detailed step by step tutorial of how to make an Origami Jewelry Box.

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Step 1: Grab Your Craft Supplies!

There are a very few absolutely basic craft supplies that work best together when used for making this awesome Origami Jewelry Box.

Material you require for making this Origami Jewelry Box:

Color papers

Handmade paper





Step 2: Let Us Make the Outer Box.

Fold the paper and make and make a crease at an interval of 3 cm each.

Fold the corners of the paper and then fold the paper as per the directions shown and given in the tutorial to finally get a box!

Step 3: Make the Boxes!

Take a colored paper and cut out a square measuring 12 cm on each side.

Cut out 7 such squares measuring 12 cm on each side to make the boxes to be kept inside the Jewelry Box

Step 4: Paper Folding for the Box!

To make the inner boxes for the jewelry box you need to learn a few basic paper folding techniques.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the boxes.

Step 5: Your Jewelry Box Is Ready!

There you have it friends! Your super awesome Origami Jewelry Box is all set to be used as an accessory storage for your earrings, bracelet, charms, studs, beads and other tiny little things that you wish to store safely and systematically is all yours.

For more of such cool crafts and best DIY projects on Home Decor you just have to visit my YouTube Channel! I bet you will have fun!

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