DIY Revamped Glitter Vase

Introduction: DIY Revamped Glitter Vase

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If you're looking for ways to decorate your space this is definitely one of the ways to go! I felt this project would be useful because it is very simple to do. Also, since the design you will creat will be inside the vase you use, there's not worry over messing up the finish since it will be inside instead of out anyways.
One thing to keep in mind: this is for decorative purposes only. Meaning you shouldn't use real flowers for the vase as the water mixed with glue and glitter would kill it. but you can use fake plants and flowers or just show off the vase itself!

Things you'll need:

Spray glue works best for this since it will deliver quicker results. You can use regular bottled glue but it would be more of a mess but if you don't mind the hassle and time then glue on!

Glitter- can be found almost everywhere. Your best bet of course would be the local art store. Depending on how big the vase is that you're going to use, you'll need a lot to cover the whole thing. For the size vase I have, I used 3 small packets of glitter so that should give you at least some idea of how much you might need.

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Step 1: Getting the Glue Inside the Vase

Take your can of spray glue and spray inside the vase. Be sure to have the nozzle pointed directly into the vase opening so the glue won't bounce back on you so much as you spray. If there's loose glue at the bottom afterwards, swirl the vase around until you get the glue covered on all spots.

Step 2: Coat the Inside of the Vase

Now add the glitter colors of your choice and pour directly inside of the vase. The ones I'm using are purple and silver. The color design that you want is completely up to you.
Once that's done, Rotate the vase as you add more glitter until the top and bottom are completely filled out. You may also want to tilt the vase sideways, rotate it clockwise and then counter clockwise to fill in any missed spots you may have.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Vase

Spray one more coating of glue inside the vase, swirl it around and add more glitter while rotating the vase. Sometimes the first coating of glue dries before you need to add more. But this step only needs to be done if you've spent a lot of time glittering your vase.

Other wise, all you need to do is set it some somewhere flat, put in some fake flowers or plants and you're done! Easy as pie!
I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and hopefully when you finish yours I can see the finished product. Good luck and have fun!

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