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A salt pipe is used by people who have a lung condition and are keen to try anything for relief.  Many people report good results, while others say don't waste your money.  On his TV show, Dr Oz did a segment on salt pipes.  The ads make amazing claims. I found no medical studies have been done to verify scientifically the purported benefits of using a salt pipe, but  they are selling like mad at a cost of around forty dollars. 
   What you get for your money is a ceramic "pipe", which may or may not be refillable, depending on which brand you choose, and there are many.  The pipe is full of "Himilayan" salt. There are holes in the bottom to allow air to pass over the salt when you inhale gently through the mouthpiece. Exhale through your nose. The instructions say to do this twenty minutes a day for at least two weeks.  Supposedly, it is like a vacation by the sea, or living in a salt mine. I think if you used this to replace cigarettes, it would work a treat.
    I couldn't find any evidence that using a salt pipe has ever actually hurt anyone.  I wanted to try it, but not for forty dollars! I got a one pound bag of "Himilayan Salt Crystals" for five bucks at the local independent record store downtown.  Then I built a salt air inhalation apparatus.  (see photos)
    First Incarnation = A cardboard tube rolled from a pizza box. A small square of retired t-shirt on one end, held in place by a rubber band.  Filled tube halfway with Himilayan salt crystals. Inhale gently through mouth, exhale through nose. Whadd'ya know, a DIY salt pipe! I'm sure this replicates the mechanical function of the $40 piece, for cheap. It ain't fancy! 

    PROBLEM: I can see that daily use is going to be a hassle, having to hold onto the thing for twenty minutes. I also did not realize how hard it is to concentrate on breathing "correctly" the entire time.  For these reasons, I never stuck with it for more than a few days.

    SOLUTION: It needs to be easy and mindless, if I aim to maintain a consistent daily regimen.  I want to share my latest invention with you, but I do not have money to build one on this day, so you will have to settle for a drawing. Sorry 'bout that. (see drawing)

    INTRODUCING!  The Himilayan Salt Respirator by dreamberry. Hands free!  One way valves allow breathing BOTH in/out with NOSE OR MOUTH!  Salt stays dry because of one way valve!  Slip on this supple mask and read the paper with both hands while sitting and breathing comfortably! The ONE WAY VALVE does the work for you!

    How to make a Salt Respirator:  Purchase a cartridge type respirator, carefully open and empty the cartridge, then fill with Himilayan Salt Crystals. 

    If you do build a salt pipe or respirator, please do tell us about it, and maybe share a photo as well.

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1 year ago

What a genius idea - I made one myself using a cheap respirator - total cost including bag of H. salt was only $21 - just got back from my respiratory therapist and she was amazed at how much better my lungs and sinuses were - and she asked me to make one for herself ;-)

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Reply 11 months ago

Hey, can you post a photo of what you made?


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

If you mean the respirator cartridges which have a fan fold filter paper in them, I'd think they may work, if you could take the filter paper out, and somehow replace it with salt crystals. You could use some kind of screen to contain the salt inside, and to allow air to pass freely over the salt.