DIY SpiderMan Costume!

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Hi! I’m going to be teaching you how to make a SpiderMan costume in under 5 minutes! This is a simple build for literally any age. Born 10 seconds ago? Boom! We got that. About to get Alzheimer’s at age 93? Boom! We got that, though your gramp or grams is gonna be very confused. Also my phone finally synced! But the photos are upside down.


-Blue long sleeved shirt
-red vest
-pants (duh)
-SpiderMan mask

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Step 1: Suit Up, Spidey!

Put on all of the clothes. That’s it! Try grabbing a marker and draw a spider on the red vest.


-FFH suit: black sweater and pants
-ps4 suit: same but use white marker/paint on the vest
-Miles Morales: Same as ffh but black vest and red paint.
-Fantastic four suit: Remove vest and have all blue on, add a Fantastic 4 logo and wear a paper bag with eyeholes. Yeah. SpiderMan was not in his right mind...

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    5 weeks ago

    Fanstastic 4: "wear a paper bag."
    Ppfffttt hahaha!! XD