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Hello Everyone

This project started as i bought pre owned SAMSUNG digital camera. which came with nothinging but 4GB memory card. though i was trying to hold on for the battery charger or its data and chargin cable but it supposed to take 3-6 working days.. and the good news was batrry juice was finished so i was unsured that my camera still turn on or no....

than in next few steps i made my own usb battery charger.

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Step 1: Parts and Recycling

i had the memory card storage box from a long time.. and after checking my camera battery size it was the best fit for it.

main things i need for
1- memry card storage box.
2- usb cable with plug on one end.

idea was very simple find ou the positive and negative of the battey and usb and attached it togather....
But had 2 issues. How to know which wire of usb is positive and negative and same for the battery.. Than luckyli battery got its configuration on it saying the +ve and -Ve pins.

Step 2: Inserting Wire Into Memorycard Box

than i made a hole in the back of memory card holder. and pass through the wire to inner side.
got a cable tie or wire and strip off and hot glue it that it wont change the position...

now how do i find the +ve and -ve of the usb. for that purpose u guyz can use ur multimeter. but i had a laptop fan i attached the fan in the to check the pins of the usb power pins. red wire on fan  was positive black negative. after sorting out this matter i put the hot glue... and fixed the connection and link

Step 3:

Step 4: End

     in this step make sure that u ready for the probably. if some one thinks that thrc bd chalo jiii phir oo yea,..

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Just throwing this in for anyone attempting this hack.  Hooking an unknown battery directly to power is a BAD IDEA.  You could overcharge or overheat the battery and damage the battery, the charger (in this case the USB), or worse, it could cause bodily injury.  Be very careful when working with batteries like this, and it's in your best interest to wait for that charger to come.

    2 replies

    Reply 11 months ago

    Perhaps a charging module would help?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the causions and advice .. my basic idea was for tem. usage.. as i got the charger now. thanks again 


    Tip 11 months ago on Step 2

    Small tip. Red is always (as far as I know) positive regarding wiring.

    eric m

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Should be reported. will DESTROY LITHIUM BATTERY!