DIY Wall Stand

Introduction: DIY Wall Stand

About: I loves electronics and robotics and also to make things with thermocol. Love to be innovative and creative. Student at a school.

A stand for your things to be kept. Very easy and takes only less time. I paste some Cool looking stickers to make it more awesome

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Step 1: Gathering Up the Stuffs.

1. Thermocol sheet of about thickness 5cm or join two of 2.5 cm.

2. cardboard


4.empty fevicol

Step 2: Cutting

cut the thermocol of length 30 cm and width 15 cm and cut the same size in cardboard. Make 2 such cardboard pieces and attach it to the both sides of thermocol like sandwich with glue like in the figure.

Step 3: Support

Take the empty fevicol and cut it both sides like the shape of a cylinder.

Step 4: Adding Stickers

Take a printout of the photo given and cover the whole things by it. If u like another designs then opt other.

Step 5: Paste Them...

Paste the stand to the wall with the support.... Its ready put some things over it

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