Dining Room Hive Shelving

Introduction: Dining Room Hive Shelving

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Hello Everyone

My dining room was very doll , and was only with one picture up on the wall ,some small plant, and that`s it.

After thinking for a while , i decided to re-decorate it , and bring to it a new design that will fit the house.

The overall look came awesome!

It came out very warm and nice place to sit and eat dinner in

Step 1: Idea

This was the idea i wanted to bring to the kitchen dining room - the squares on the building are the one i wanted

So the procedure started

Getting the idea, writing it and sketching it on a piece of paper

Got a small meeting on a good place to get the proper paint needed. - and off we go to work

Step 2: Getting Started

Start by removing the ugly pic, ( sold it for 50 $ )

If the wall needs some fixing ( cracks , hoes etc` ) you need to fix it with adhesive .

After all dries up , paint the wall in base color ( Acrylic )

Step 3: Plaster Coat

I decided to create a coat that will come out intresting.

So decided to buy The Terrano 50 CTLZ Plaster Coat. ( big big bucket - weight 25 KG ! )

Applying it was very hard, and took 5 hours or so ( all by my self )

Usually you need to do it 2 people, it`s way more easier ( one applies the paint and the other scrubs it )

I needed to apply a bit of layer , wait for it to dry 60% and than rub it to get the desired coating

Step 4: Create the Hives

So, this step i did not picture from the beginning , since i did most of the work when my phone broke.

in short, i took a long log , cut it to the desired size,Sanded it , and glued it,

The overall process took 6 hours of work ( need to be accurate ) - sanding also took time

Step 5: Painting Time #1 !

It`s time to paint

It took a few days ( 4 to be accurate )

it`s made of 4 layers. (resting between more than 6 hours )

1 base layer and an additional 3 layers to get to the best results.

Step 6: Painting Time #2 !


I wanted a sandy rubbery look , so the final coat of " Broken White " was using a sponge.

You need to tap the entire surface using the sponge ( this process takes timeeeeeeee )

Step 7: Painting Time #3 !

The total outcome of the Broken White came cool . but it came much cooler with the last layer of paint! ( thank god ) tp be on the front panel of the hives

Came neat!

Step 8: Mount It!

Drill a hole in the wall -( before you need to drill a hole at the wood )

Than mount it!

Step 9: Ready!

It was a good hard work , but the outcome is super nice - and gave the dining room a whole new look

MIxed with modern and yet warm and inviting

Hope you enjoyed , cAu`se i know i did


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