Diy Batman Room Decor - How to Make Batman Hanger With Limited Tools

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In this instructable you can see how to make batman silhouette light hanger. Easy and cheap diy project that can be a great batman theme diy gift or batman room decor. The hanger is made with 10mm thick plywood cut with manual or electric scroll saw or a jigsaw. For the light i used 12v yellow led strip. The hanger is painted with black paint.

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Step 1: Production

Start by gluing printed pattern to the wood panel

Use a scroll saw to cut the wood folowing the pattern lines

I used electric scroll saw but you can also use manual scroll saw with the same result.

Use 220 grit sandpaper to make the surface smoother

Paint the hanger with matte finish black paint

For the light i used yellow 12v led strip.

Use hotglue to prevent the wires to move

Attach the metal hooks


I hope this will help you build your own :)

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