Diy Painting on Black Canvas




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Diy painting on black canvas
Happy painting....

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Step 1: Step by Step Tutorial

Follow these easy step and comeup with a great painting.
I have used acrylic colors for this painting.
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    6 Discussions

    Fuzzy Monkey

    3 years ago

    It looks beautiful! I bet if you made each picture a separate step and did a description of your method, you could get featured. Can't wait to try something like this!

    1 reply
    MohinicraftyzFuzzy Monkey

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yep i will
    Actually it was my 1st tutorial so i could not make it proper.
    Thanks for your suggestion.:)


    3 years ago

    Please give thumbs up if you like my tutorial..

    1) i trace my design on black canvas with pencil.
    2) then using red , blue , green ,pink , and yellow and white acrylic color i made sky . For this texture i used sponge and with white color i give brightness to the painting
    3) then for stars i had used toothbrush and gives this effect
    4) using white & black color i made mountains.
    This is it:
    If you have any confusion be free to ask.
    Thank you..

    Great looking painting. Could you share a little more about what you did in each step?